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Are these situations familiar to you? An employee asks you a question about his or her sickness absence. You want to hire someone, but are not exactly sure how to draw up an employment contract. You are involved in a redundancy or dismissal, but lack the knowledge needed to take the right steps. Pcheck – together with XpertHR Checkit – can help! 

On the online platform (p)checkit you will find answers to all frequently asked questions in the area of HR. A quick, easy-to-use and reliable aid. 


As an entrepreneur, you will find that (p)checkit gives you access to sound, up-to-date information on HR-related issues. With this new product you can quickly find reliable answers to your questions – all in one place. These may be questions about dismissals and redundancies, taking on staff, sickness absence and employment contracts, for example. (p)checkit will provide you with the right answer: one that is always up to date, has been checked for legal accuracy and is written in the language of the (SME) entrepreneur. That means the information you are given on frequently encountered HR issues can actually be put into practice. 


The benefits of (p)checkit include:


  • Practical examples

  • Sample documents

  • Checklists

  • Videos

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Infographics

Interested in subscribing to (p)checkit? If so, please complete the form below. Pcheck will be happy to pay you a visit to give you a demo and show you everything this platform has to offer.

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